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How to Use Ending Punctuation

There are three types of ending punctuation (exclamation points, question marks, and periods). They each have their own usage, but all are very important. Every sentence ever needs to have some type of ending punctuation.

How to Insert…

Period: simply press the period (.) button.

Question marks: SHIFT and press the / button.

Exclamation marks: SHIFT and press the 1 button at the same time.


. (period)

This punctuation has two uses, command sentences and statement sentences.

For example:

Order the pizza, please. (command)

Answer the phone. (command)

I am hungry. (statement)

The leaves are changing. (statement)

? (question mark)

Used to express a question.

 For example:

How are you, today?

Where are we going?

Are you ready?

 **Hint: MOST questions begin with question words (who, what, where, how why, when)**

! (exclamation mark)

Used to express excitement or joy.

For example:

I love Chicago!

I can’t wait for Christmas!

It’s snowing!

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