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How to Have Pronoun Agreement

Pronouns are words that replace nouns in sentences. Pronoun agreement is to ensure that the pronoun parallels the antecedent (the word it refers to) in number, gender, and person.


Pronouns must resemble their antecedent when it comes to being singular or plural.

For example:

The cats had eaten their food.

“Their” shows that cats are plural.

Example of replacing:

When replacing cats with a pronoun, the pronoun needs to be plural.

They had eaten the cat food.


Pronouns must be consistent with the gender of the antecedent.

For example:

If the sentence was “The man drove to work,” and the word being replaced is “man”, “man: must be replaced by a pronoun that is masculine.

The new sentence would be “He drove to work.”


Pronouns must also not change the point of view of the antecedents.

For example:

When a student goes to the zoo, he or she must buy a ticket.

“student” is third person singular, so the pronoun needs to be third person singular.


1st Person 2nd Person 3rd Person
Singular I you he/she/it
Plural we you they

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