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Writing Center Tutors work one-on-one with students to assist them in improving their skills as writers. The primary tasks for a tutor are tutoring and keeping accurate records of tutorials completed.

If this sounds like the job for you, please fill out the form below and submit. You can also contact the Writing Center Director, Dr. Cassandra Bausman, with any questions via the Contact Us page here on the site.

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English Faculty Reference
Working as a Writing Center Tutor generally requires one of your freshmen English/composition professors to recommend you. Please enter their name below (see here if you don't remember their name). If you came in with AP credit or there are other extenuating circumstances, enter "NA" here.

Writing Sample
Upload a sample of your best writing. You can upload the following formats: TXT, DOC, DOCX, RTF, and PDF.

Job Position
Please, read carefully. There are three types of positions available at the Writing Center. Read the descriptions and choose the one that best fits you, or simply select "Unsure" and we can discuss later.

  • Work Study
    Tutors work up to 8 paid hours per week. You must be Work Study eligible (based on family finances) for this option.
  • Non-Work Study
    Tutors work up to 8 paid hours per week. There are a limited number of non-work study positions available.
  • Consultant Interns
    Interns work 2-4 unpaid hours per week. Interns enroll in ENG 411L and earn internship credit for their time in the Writing Center.

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