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Naomi Bush


Originally from Arizona, I landed in Indiana after a lengthy pancake-eating tour. I now live in Michigan with my fiancé Trey, our two cats Rinky and Mr. Grimm, and our two huskies Loki and Haiku. A previous student of Trine myself, it’s been very exciting to be able to come back and help coordinate the Writing Center. Recreationally I like to read, play video games, draw interpretive pictures of how I feel, and write poetry and snippets of prose on napkins with nice pens. I love to talk about graphic novels, my love of Batman, excellent coffee, and new art mediums and styles. You’ll find me loitering around the Writing Center or hiding in my cubicle, leading a creative writing group or covered in paint. Interrupt me. Chat with me. If I had a door, it would always be open.