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Jordan Blank

English Education

I’m Jordan: pastor’s kid, creative writer, avid reader, proud Hufflepuff, and peer tutor. My major is English Education with a focus in Cultural Studies. My career goal is to teach ESL on the international mission field. I currently commute from home where I live with my parents, three siblings, and two cats. I have a number of hobbies ranging from reading to writing to binge watching television shows and anime on Netflix. One my absolute favorite things to do, though, is travel. Over the past three years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit Bolivia, Canada, Spain, and Cambodia respectively. Though each is beautiful, Spain remains my number one, with the cities of Seville and Granada being my favorite place in the entire world aside from my own home.

I enjoy tutoring because I enjoy teaching. When I’m teaching and when I’m travelling are when I feel most alive. I enjoy being with students of all ages (though my former class of preschoolers did try my patience!). I hope that every session I have with a student proves rewarding for the both of us, and that each one is a step towards that student’s success in this adventure that is college.